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Coping without a car if you’re over 65

A SuperGold Card gives you free or cheaper public transport. If you’re ill or have trouble getting around, you can apply for help paying for taxis. Some local councils also offer transport services.

Using a SuperGold Card on public transport

If you have a SuperGold Card you can get free off-peak travel on public transport in many places around New Zealand.

SuperGold Cards — SuperGold Koha Aotearoa

Off-peak travel is normally:

  • Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm and after 6:30pm to the end of the service, and
  • any time on weekends and public holidays.

These times can vary between regions. Check with your transport provider or your regional council.

In most places you just have to show your SuperGold Card to get free off-peak travel. The exceptions are Auckland, Otago and Southland.

Auckland region

In the Auckland region you need to use your SuperGold Card to buy a gold AT HOP card. You need your SuperGold Card and current photo ID, like your driver licence or passport. If your SuperGold Card has your photo on it, then you do not need another form of photo ID.

What you need to do with your gold AT HOP card

To get your gold AT HOP card working, you need to:

  1. Buy the gold AT HOP card at your nearest ticket office. The gold AT HOP card costs $10 and you have to put a minimum of $5 credit on it. This credit is only used for trips before 9am.
  2. Register your card. You can do it online if you have an email address. If you do not, post the application form and copies of your ID.
  3. Get the SuperGold concession loaded on your card. You can do this:
    • online
    • by post
    • in person at an AT Customer Service Centre.

Getting and loading a gold AT HOP card

Otago and Southland regions

In Otago and Southland you need to use your SuperGold Card with your smart card (GoCard or Bus Smart Card). You need to have both your SuperGold Card and your smart card with you when you travel.

The smart card costs $5 and you need to put some extra money on it for travelling during peak times.

Taxis: the Total Mobility scheme

If you have a disability or have difficulty using public transport, you may be able to use taxis to get to essential places. The Total Mobility scheme, run by your regional council, pays half the fare.

Your doctor or another health provider assesses whether you are eligible. You’ll get taxi chits or an electronic card to use when you take a taxi.

You may have to pay a small fee for your assessment and the ID card you need for your travel.

Total Mobility scheme

Community transport

Some local councils and other organisations offer community transport to make sure you can get to the doctor or other appointments.

Find your local council by region

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