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Use RealMe to prove your identity online

Use RealMe to prove who you are online and securely access many government and private sector services online.

What is RealMe®

RealMe® is a government authentication and identity verification service.

You can use RealMe to log into many New Zealand government and public sector sites and services. It is also a secure way to prove who you are when you’re online.

RealMe® website

Go to the RealMe® website to find out how to:

What you can do with RealMe®

You can use RealMe® to log securely into online services such as your Inland Revenue account, and to renew or replace your passport.

Some organisations need only a RealMe login, and for others you need to set up a RealMe verified identity.

Where to use RealMe — RealMe Tēnei Au

With a RealMe verified identity to prove who you are online, you can:

  • open a bank account
  • apply for your first passport
  • enrol to vote.

You can also apply to verify your address to prove where you live to any organisation that uses RealMe.

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