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Identity theft

Identity theft is when someone uses your identity information to pretend to be you.

Information that can be stolen includes your:

  • name, date and place of birth
  • address and phone number
  • ID including passport or driver licence
  • bank account numbers
  • photos
  • email addresses
  • social networking details.

If you’re a victim of identity theft you might not realise until some time after the offence.

What is identity theft?

What to do if you’re the victim of identity theft

What you need to do depends on the type of identity theft.

Use the checklist

Use the Department of Internal Affairs’ online checklist if you suspect or know that someone is fraudulently using your identity in any way.

Identity Theft Online Checklist

Contact the organisation

Contact the organisation your identity information is connected with — for example, the Department of Internal Affairs for a stolen passport, or your bank for compromised bank accounts or credit cards.

Contact the police

Contact the NZ Police using their non-emergency contact options if you have evidence that your identity has been stolen, have had your wallet or credit card stolen, or suspect a scam.

NZ Police — 105 and Non-Emergency Contact

Other steps to take

Find out other steps you can take now and what to do later.

Scamwatch — Scammed? Take action

More information and assistance

Find out tips and information from the NZ Police about online identity theft.

NZ Police — Cybercrime and the internet

Get free help from New Zealand’s national identity theft support service.


IDCARE Freephone: 0800 121 068

Credit fraud

There have been cases of identity theft where someone applies for credit using another person’s name. You can ask a credit reporting company not to release your credit information if you think you’re the victim of fraud.

How to protect yourself

A lot of your identity information is publicly available. If you control the amount of information you release, you can reduce the chance of someone stealing your identity.

How to protect yourself

Who to contact for more help

If you need more help or have questions about the information or services on this page, contact the following agency.

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