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Complain about discrimination

Discrimination is illegal — you have the right to complain.

If you are concerned about human rights issues during COVID-19, visit the NZ Human Rights Commission website.

Making a complaint

If you have experienced unlawful discrimination, you can contact the NZ Human Rights Commission. They provide free, confidential advice on human rights information and suppor, and mediation and dispute resolution.

The NZ Human Rights Commission website has more information:

The Human Rights Review Tribunal

The Human Rights Review Tribunal is a specialist body that deals with cases brought under the law. It can award damages for losses suffered and lost dignity.

Human Rights Review Tribunal

Health or disability discrimination

For human rights complaints related to health and disabilities, the Office for Disability Issues website lists the organisations to contact:

Got a problem or need help? — Office for Disability Issues

Children and young people’s rights or safety concerns

For advice on who to contact about children’s rights or safety concerns, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner provides more information:

Help and advice — Office of the Children’s Commissioner

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