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Working in NZ after you study

After you’ve finished studying in New Zealand, you can apply for a visa that lets you stay here to work. Some students can work in NZ because of what they’re studying in another country.

Updates on visas

For general news about visas or to check on your visa, visit Immigration New Zealand’s website:

If you complete qualifications in NZ

When you graduate you can get a Post Study Work Visa for up to 3 years, if you meet the criteria, including having acceptable qualifications.

Post Study Work Visa — Immigration New Zealand

More information — Post Study Work Visa

Contact Immigration New Zealand (INZ) if you have questions or want to change the conditions on an employer-assisted visa.

Changing the conditions of a work visa or applying for a Job Change — INZ

Contact us — INZ

If you’re studying overseas

You can come to NZ to get practical experience to support your training.

You’ll need to apply for a student and trainee work visa.

Student and Trainee Work Visa — INZ

You’ll need a tax number

Once you have your visa, apply for a tax number from Inland Revenue (IR). A tax number is known as an IRD number. Give this number to your employer when you start work and use it for all your NZ tax matters.

IRD numbers for individuals — IR

How to apply for a work visa

You can either apply online or on paper for a work visa from INZ. Check INZ’s website for:

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