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The Crown recognised the Ngātiwai Deed of Mandate on 21 October 2015. The Deed of Mandate was amended on 27 May 2016.

Deed of Settlement documents

Claim not settled at this time. No settlement documents available.

Supporting documents

File Date Size
Deed of Mandate Recognition 21 Oct 2015 56 KB
Deed of Mandate 27 May 2016 607 KB
Deed of Mandate Attachments 7 Jun 2014 6.2 MB

Submissions on the Ngātiwai Trust Board's draft Deed of Mandate

On 12 July 2014 the Crown advertised the Ngātiwai Trust Board’s (NTB) draft Deed of Mandate for public submissions. The Crown received a total of 243 separate submissions.

The submissions on the NTB draft Deed of Mandate have been requested under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA). The Crown has decided to release them publicly so all interested parties can access them.

You will note that certain information within the submissions has been redacted. Redaction is the process of removing material for specific reasons. Material has been redacted in accordance with our statutory obligations under the OIA.

A significant number of the redactions have been made to protect the privacy of natural persons under section 9(2)(a) of the OIA:

  • this includes names, phone numbers, email addresses, whakapapa and handwriting;
  • if the handwritten material is not otherwise confidential and is relevant, the words have been replaced by typed text;
  • if a person presents themselves as a representative from an organisation or entity, or as an appointed hapū kaikorero, they are not considered to be a "natural" person and their names have not been redacted. However, if any contact details appeared to be personal rather than organisational in nature (for example, an email address from Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/Vodafone etc.), this information has been redacted;
  • if a person was a lawyer writing on behalf of a client, their name, organisation, and contact details were not redacted but those of their client were;
  • if a person was not a manager (i.e. a Senior Analyst) and they work at Office of Treaty Settlements, Te Puni Kōkiri, or another Crown agency, their name and contact details were redacted; and
  • some Wai numbers have been redacted if it was clear that a Wai number was an identifying characteristic of a natural person.

Although protecting the privacy of submitters is the primary reason material was redacted from submissions, it was not the only reason. Other examples include:

  • where documents presented to the Waitangi Tribunal have been attached to a submission and are already publicly available they have been released; or
  • where the information is not relevant.

Although we received a number of individually written submissions, most submissions were made using one of three templates. These template submissions have been grouped together in the links below. We also received one submission in the form of a petition signed by 119 people, which has a separate link.

Click on the links below to view the submissions made on the NTB draft Deed of Mandate.

Submissions made on NTB draft Deed of Mandate

File Date Size
Individually written submissions 12 Dec 2014 5.3 MB
Submissions made using 'Template A' 12 Dec 2014 6.2 MB
Submissions made using 'Template B' 12 Dec 2014 3.3 MB
Submissions made using 'Template C' 12 Dec 2014 41 KB
Submissions made by signing the petition 12 Dec 2014 376 KB

The Crown also received several video submissions. These are already publicly available online.

Video submissions on the Ngātiwai Trust Board's draft Deed of Mandate

If you have any questions you would like to discuss further, please contact OTS directly.

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