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Ngāti Tamaterā

The Crown and Ngāti Tamaterā initialled a Deed of Settlement on 20 September 2017. The Deed will now go out to the claimant group for ratification. The Deed and its attachments are available under 'Supporting documents' below.

Deed of Settlement documents

Claim not settled at this time. No settlement documents available.

Supporting documents

File Date Size
Deed of Settlement Summary 20 September 2017 774 KB
Deed of Settlement 20 September 2017 2.7 MB
Deed of Settlement schedule - General Matters 20 September 2017 708 KB
Deed of Settlement schedule - Property 20 September 2017 1.4 MB
Deed of Settlement schedule - Documents 20 September 2017 9.8 MB
Deed of Settlement schedule - Attachments 20 September 2017 6.3 MB
Deed Recording On Account Arrangements 30 Jun 2014 1.4 MB
Agreement in Principle Equivalent (Hauraki) 22 Jul 2011 5.1 MB
Crown Recognition of Mandate 20 Jun 2011 97 KB

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