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Get help to find birth, death and marriage records

If you do not know the year of a record you're looking for, you can ask Births, Deaths and Marriages to search for it.

How it works

You need to tell Births, Deaths and Marriages:

  • the full name of the person whose record you want (or the full names of both people, if it’s a marriage or civil union)
  • the type of record (birth, death, marriage, civil union or name change)
  • the date, year, or range of years to search
  • the place where the event happened, and
  • any other information that could help them find the record (for example, parents’ names).

If you’re searching for a name change, you need to give the person’s date and place of birth.

What it costs

It costs:

  • $25 to search a 3-year period, and
  • $1 for each extra year.

Search costs are on top of the cost of getting a certificate or printout.

You have to pay for the search even if the record is not found.

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