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Where to find residential care costs and financial help

How to get information about the costs of residential care and what financial support is available to help you with the costs.

Contact the provider to find the cost

You need to contact the residential care provider directly to find out the costs as each care provider charges different amounts.

The services offered by residential care providers can vary. They must tell you about the services they offer and be clear about which ones you must pay extra for.

Services offered in residential care

Residential care questions and answers — Health New Zealand

Check your Admission Agreement

What you pay each week is written in the Admission Agreement you sign with the rest home or hospital.

Your Admission Agreement and care plan

Maximum amount you pay for services

The rest home or hospital cannot charge you more than a certain amount for contracted care services. This amount is set by the Ministry of Health — it’s called the maximum contribution.

The maximum contribution:

  • depends on where you live
  • does not depend on the level of care you need
  • is adjusted every year on .

Maximum contribution from — New Zealand Gazette

If you cannot afford to pay

Residential Care Subsidy

The Residential Care Subsidy is paid directly to your care provider and you do not need to pay it back. Getting the subsidy depends on your situation — there are limits to the amount of assets and income you can have.

Income and asset testing — Health New Zealand

Your care needs and finances will be assessed to work out whether you can get the subsidy.

Apply for a Residential Care Subsidy

Residential Care Loan

If you cannot get the subsidy, you may be able to get an interest-free loan to help pay for care if you own a property. This means you will not have to sell your property to pay for your care.

The Residential Care Loan is paid directly to the residential care provider. The loan does not need to be repaid until you pass away or sell the property, whichever happens first.

Apply for a Residential Care Loan

Top-Up subsidy for higher levels of care

If you need a higher level than rest home care, the cost will be greater than the maximum contribution.

This cost difference is covered by the Top-Up subsidy, which applies to all needs-assessed clients requiring a high level of care, including those paying privately.

Your needs assessor does the application and the payment is made directly to your care provider. You do not need to do anything for this.

NZ Super or Veteran’s pension

When you go into residential care and your partner stays living at home, your partner can get the single, living alone pension.

Help for partners staying at home

Contact Seniorline

Seniorline provides information for older people about residential care, community services and how to get help at home.

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