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Your consumer rights

You have the right to complain if something you’ve bought does not work, a service has not achieved the result that was agreed, something has not been delivered on time, or you've been misled by an advert.

Know your rights

The Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act are consumer laws that help ensure:

  • you get the goods or services you pay for
  • what you get is of acceptable quality.

Information on consumer laws

It’s an offence to mislead a consumer about their contractual or legal rights when they buy something.

Information on business obligations

Bad service and faulty goods

If the service or product does not meet your expectations, you can:

  • ask for the job to be redone
  • cancel the service
  • pay less money than was agreed
  • not pay at all.

Information on your consumer rights when buying products and services

Buying online

Know your rights when you’re shopping online — and what to do if anything goes wrong.

Information on your rights when buying online

Information on delivery issues

How to complain

Find out the best way to complain to increase your chances of your problem being solved.

How to complain

If you're still not happy

The Disputes Tribunal can take claims of up to $30,000 on faulty goods if the seller has refused to fix, refund or replace them.

Disputes Tribunal

Complain if you think you were misled by advertising for something you’ve bought or services you’ve received.

Making a complaint to the Commerce Commission

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