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Debt collection and repossession

Know your rights when a debt collector demands payment or takes your stuff because you cannot pay your bills.

Someone’s demanding money

When you cannot pay for things you’ve bought or money you’ve borrowed, the person or company you owe money to will probably chase you to get the money back.

Find out what happens if:

  • you do not pay debts back
  • a collection agency is chasing you for a debt
  • you do not agree with a debt.

Debt collection

Someone wants to take your stuff

When you take out a loan or buy something on store credit or hire purchase, you sign a contract. If it was in the contract, the person or company can take back the thing you bought if you do not pay for it as agreed.

Repossession and your rights

Someone loaning you money can ask you to list things you own in the credit contract. These things are your security — and if you get too far behind in your payments or breach the contract, they can take these things off you and sell them to recover their money.

Secured loans

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