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Have you been affected by Cyclone Gabrielle? Find out what support is available: National Emergency Management Agency —

Help and support

Information about travelling to New Zealand, special permanent resident visas, help with costs, and how to report footage of the attacks.

Travelling to New Zealand

Check if you need a visa, and how to apply.

Apply for a visa

If you’re coming to NZ, you need to declare on your arrival card any food and liquids, like ceremonial water, you bring with you. You might not be able to bring some items.

Check what items you can bring into NZ

Already living in NZ with a visa 

People directly affected by the terror attacks and their immediate families can apply for a special permanent resident visa.

Christchurch Response (2019) — permanent resident visa

Help with costs

ACC can give payments to people affected by the Christchurch terror attack, including:

  • if you’ve been injured
  • if your family has lost their income
  • if you need help with funeral costs.

ACC help for victims of the Christchurch terror attack

You may also be able to get help from Work and Income, even if you’re not on a benefit.

Call Work and Income on 0800 779 997

Work and Income help for people affected by the Christchurch tragedy

Footage of the attacks

Both the footage of the shooting and the associated ‘manifesto’ have been classed as objectionable under NZ law.

This means sharing, hosting or showing other people the video file are criminal offences.

What this means and how to get help — DIA

Help coping with a traumatic event

If you need to talk to someone you can get free counselling by calling or texting 1737

Mental health advice for coping after a traumatic event

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