About us

We’re Govt.nz. We’re here to make it easier for people to find and use government information online.

We take accessibility seriously. Our design overhaul has affected the site's accessibility in some areas, but we are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Govt.nz has replaced the newzealand.govt.nz website.

You’ve told us you don't know where to start looking for government information online. You've also told us that understanding how government services work — and who to contact — can be difficult.

And we’ve been listening.

We’re also learning from others.

In particular, we’ve been watching the work of the GOV.UK site. We think it’s a great example of how a government website can learn from its users and improve over time.

GOV.UK’s commitment to open source development means we're able to pick up what they create, learn from it and adapt it for Govt.nz.

We believe that openness and transparency are key, so we're also sharing everything we do.


  • sharing our research and the results of our usability studies
  • reporting back regularly on the issues users are raising
  • open-sourcing our code — it's free for anyone to use
  • publishing as much content as we can using a Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 copyright licence, so anyone can reuse it
  • working on improving our API to make it easier to share government information both across agencies and with the public

Govt.nz is a work in progress – your feedback is valued and contributes to how we learn, and what we do. We’ll use it to base our decisions on where to go next, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

See the Web toolkit blog to keep track of what we’re up to.

Our design principles

We're user-centred

We need to speak your language — not government’s. In fact, we want to change how government speaks.

We'll involve you throughout. The user research we're doing will give us the evidence we need to help choose the most important features for Govt.nz. It will also help focus our view of what information you need from government.

We're starting small and iterating

The current version of Govt.nz is just the start. We started small and focused on the basics. We'll continue to release design updates, new content and new features on a regular basis.

We're trying to deliver a more consistent user experience

Sometimes people need to interact with several government departments to access a service or to get something done. Our research has shown us that when each of the sites you have to visit looks different, you need to learn how each one works. This is frustrating and can stop you doing what you need to.

You told us that "knowing where to go is half the problem". As we add content to the Govt.nz site, we'll include step-by-step guides and make it easy to find the related tasks you might need to do. We'll explain how services work — from the eligibility rules to what happens after you've hit submit. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or we’re not yet providing a link to the next step you need to take, please tell us.

We're speaking your language

Plain English content is easy to read, easy to understand and helps you do what you need to.

You can give us feedback from just about anywhere on the site and:

  • ask us to review any content that you don't understand
  • tell us if you think there's information missing from the site.

We're device friendly

The site should work on a mobile phone just as well as it does on a desktop. If you notice something that doesn't look right, let us know and we'll do our best to get it fixed quickly.

We're accessible

Everyone should be able to access the information on Govt.nz.

If you're having difficulty getting information on our site, let us know. We'll:

  • take a look at the problem
  • tell you what we think we can do to fix it
  • do what we can to get you the information you need in a different format.

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